The Sovietized American Media

This is so true! Here’s an American Thinker post:

In the old Soviet Union, the oppressed subjects of regime had a phrase used to describe the news media: “There’s no pravda in Izvestia and there’s no izvestia in Pravda.” In Russian, “Pravda,” the leading Communist Party periodical, means “Truth,” and “Izvestia,” the principal state periodical, means “News.”

The bosses of the Kremlin had no interest in their subjects knowing anything about the world or having any honest opinions expressed. Instead, the news media (also all cultural life, all educational institutions, all common means of ordinary people sharing anything together) was placed in the hands of bureaucratic flacks, well-trained in determining what constituted news and who had the legal monopoly on truth.

What happened in the Soviet media was the systematic suppression of all real news and a purging of all serious intellectual inquiry. All news made the party leaders look good, or it simply wasn’t news. All facts supported the theme that the latest Five Year Plan was working marvelously, whatever the clear facts of ordinary Soviet life might say to the contrary.

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