The Supreme Court rules on Obamacare, what’s next?

What’s next for health care now that Obamacare has been upheld (mandate = tax)? It’s up to Republican members of Congress to get off of their asses (sorry) and start selling what by now they should’ve already sold (Hillarycare was in 1993!).

In 2002 I penned a column about the health care issue during the Illinois governor campaign – and four year later I re-used the quotes from it because they still were the best I’d read. Simple, understandable, to the point. The source was Grace Marie-Turner of the Galen Institute. She continues to be a terrific advocate for what’s needed—if only Republican politicians would wake the hell up and start doing their jobs.

Michael Goodman is getting a lot of attention this week for his new book “Priceless,” which is introduced as follows:

Patients, providers, employers, and employees are all trapped in a dysfunctional healthcare system fraught with perverse incentives that raise costs, reduce quality, and make care less accessible. Now Priceless cuts through the politics and proposes dozens of bold reforms that would free patients and caregivers to be empowered to chart their own lives with low-cost, high-quality healthcare.

Folks, this entire thing is in the hands of our Republican Party elected leaders. To the degree possible, you need to put pressure on them to get to work.