The Tweeting Giant

In the midst of a foreign policy “event” like the one this week everyone gets to choose what they will believe. The more people that agree with the following from Mark Steyn the better off we’ll be…

[R]e the intrusion of foreign policy, what’s interesting is how far adrift the rhetoric of bigshot Democrats, Republicans (McCain, Condi at the convention) and independents (Lieberman) is from the reality on the ground. An RPG was fired at the British Ambassador to Libya as he drove through Benghazi in June. This followed the smashing of a quarter of the headstones in the Commonwealth war graves cemetery in Benghazi, a site that had survived four decades of the Qaddafi dictatorship without being desecrated.

We are now in a surreal situation. When the British Embassy in Iran was sacked a few months back, no individual was harmed, but nevertheless the U.K. expelled every Iranian diplomat in London. As David Blair wonders in the Telegraph, what’s America going to do after the murder of its ambassador and four others in Libya? Expel the Washington staff of a regime it installed and bankrolled?

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