College Education and The University Gulag

Google doesn’t like me saying this, but I’ll say it anyway. A college education is not only a spectacular waste of time and money, but is also harmful to the student’s mind and character.

For instance: an art professor at the University of Florida–that’s right, I said “art”–has forbidden her students ever to use the term “melting pot.” Anyone who does, will be penalized by loss of grade and credit.

University of Florida art professor Pamela Brekka banned students from using the term “melting pot” in her class.

According to Campus Reform, students enrolled in Professor Brekka’s Art Appreciation class risk losing credits on assignments if the phrase is used. Several online modules has the warning: “Do not ever use the phrase ‘melting pot’ in this class. In this class we celebrate diversity, not sameness.”

In a statement awesome in its vast hypocrisy, the prof said “We celebrate diversity, not sameness”! In college-speak, “diversity” always means strictly-enforced uniformity of opinion.

Furthermore, the university requires students to earn at least three credits in “Diversity” courses as a requirement for graduation. And they go on to provide a long list of “groups” that students must–yes, “must”–support.

Do you really want to subject your son or daughter to that?

Do you really want to spend enormous amounts of your hard-earned money on that? Or would you rather your offspring just went deeply into debt for it?

If you want any of those things, there’s something wrong with you.

[Thanks to my chess buddy “WannaBe” for the news tip.]