The war on truth

By Eric Utter:

It is extremely hard for sane people to understand how we arrived where we are today… culturally and politically. We have men claiming to be women allowed in women’s bathrooms and locker rooms. We are informed that there are 60, 70— or 112 different genders — but that men and women are virtually the same.

For years there have been gay pride parades across the country that are, in many cases, sanctioned by cities, businesses and even police forces, among other entities. Yet, recently, the only “straight pride” parade of which I’m aware was the subject of great controversy, with a few progressives labeling it “obscene.”

Christian religious organizations are being designated as “hate groups” by leftist bodies such as the Southern Poverty Law Center. In a few cases, priests and pastors have been threatened with jail time for citing Bible verses. “Misgendering” someone can cost you your job. Denver has legalized the use of “magic” or psychedelic mushrooms.

And now we have “serious” Democratic presidential candidates proposing truly crazy socialist plans that would bankrupt their own country, collapse the world’s economy, and subject U.S. citizens to ever more government control. “1984” couldn’t happen then — Ronald Reagan was in office. But, ironically, 1984 could arrive in 2020, or shortly after, albeit nearly four decades late.

The saddest irony — and real tragedy — is that the Left’s arguments are so easily defeated, if only conservatives and classical liberals would stand up and fight.

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