The Weekly Tolerance Report

CultureWatchFrom Bill Muehlenberg:

OK, it has been at least a week so I had better get back to what is now becoming a full-time assignment: monitoring all the nasty activities of the tolerance brigade. You know who I mean: those who scream the loudest about the urgent need for tolerance, acceptance and diversity.

The only problem is, they are the least tolerant, the least accepting, and the least into diversity group around. Every day they engage in new storm trooper tactics to silence all opposition, rebuke all critics, and punish all “recalcitrants.”

Yes, it is the gay mafia doing their thing again. Consider these five recent cases of tolerance in action. They come from the US, the UK, and Europe. Beginning in Colorado, we have yet another case of a Christian cake-maker being dragged to the courts for standing up for conscience:

“A gay couple is pursuing a discrimination complaint against a Colorado bakery, saying the business refused them a wedding cake to honor their Massachusetts ceremony, and alleging that the owners have a history of turning away same-sex couples. As more states move to legalize same-sex marriage and civil unions, the case highlights a growing tension between gay rights advocates and supporters of religious freedom….”

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