The Worst School Massacre in U.S. history was not a shooting

From Family Security Matters:

The mainstream media uses the term “school shootings” because it fits nicely into their narrative that guns are to blame and therefore law-abiding citizens should be disarmed. But by limiting their discussion only to shootings, they ignore the worst school massacre in U.S. history which wasn’t a shooting at all.

Bath Township, Michigan, 1927: 45 dead and not a single shooting death.

May 18, 1927. Andrew Kehoe, school board treasurer, unleashed pure evil on the Bath Township school by detonating dynamite, firebombs and pyrotol.


Whether in America or in China or anywhere else, my heart breaks for every one of these kids and their families. Like most parents, I cannot hear of these tragedies without my mind’s eye reconstructing the scene in my kids’ school house. And I’m moved to tears.


Evil does not exist in dynamite or knives or fire or firearms. Evil exists in hearts and minds.

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