For the Left, Their God is the State, That is to Say, Themselves

A good friend sent me a terrific article by an author I had never heard of before, John C. Wright. His article was titled, “Point Deer, Make Horse.” Here is an excerpt (there will be more tomorrow):

The Federalist has an article stating that for the Left, their God is Caesar, that is to say, the State, that is to say, themselves.

After a disaster or lost battle, the Jews of old said it was it is the punishment rightfully delivered for not being faithful enough to Jehovah, not giving him what he demanded for their good: an upright heart and pure more sacred to him than any ritual sacrifice.

After every crime-spree or disaster or terrorist attack by persons who never turn out to be white rightwingers, the Left says that it is the punishment rightfully delivered for not being faithful enough to Caesar, not giving him what he demanded for our good: not giving Caesar enough power, property and control over our minds and souls to solve the problem.

Mollie Hemingway for the Federalist writes as follows:

At least 14 people were killed and 17 others injured in San Bernardino, California, by Syed Farook and Tafsheen Malik, a couple who later died in a shootout with police. As with the tragic rampage in Colorado just a few days prior, there’s a frustrating lack of details. Many in the media at first focused, as they tend to do during mass shootings, on their anger with the National Rifle Association, a large gun rights and gun safety organization. Some focused on the fact that the shooting took place about a 25-minute walk from a Planned Parenthood facility. Really.

Progressive and liberal politicians called for gun control. And other politicians prayed for the victims and their families while waiting for more information.

That’s when things got super weird. For some reason, much of the media began mocking the efficacy of prayer. This was happening while victims of the shooting were actually asking people to pray. I mean, the critiques were everywhere. An editor at ThinkProgress said, and I quote, “Stop thinking. Stop praying.” There’s a bumper sticker for you!


My comment: while Leftism has much in common with a mental illness, it is not a mental illness. The sick behaviors of the Left are affixed to certain topics of thought, not to the machinery of thought. Nor can it be explained as stupidity, or ignorance, or innocent lack of knowledge.

One might ask: how many people will the Muslims have to shoot before the Left realizes that the Muslim doctrines telling them God wants them to shoot people is the source of the problem, and not the lack of a government-enforced static global climate system? How long until they wake up?


Up next: more from Wright’s article.

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