There is No Excuse for Conservatives Losing the Information War

There isn’t any good excuse for our side losing. Our side produces so much great ammunition. Research. Commentary. Policy proposals. Investigative reporting. Answering the lies from Leftists and their allies in the media.

And yet…and yet…conservatives for many reasons — most of them I’ve addressed here — do not reach enough people. They produce the intellectual ammunition — and little of it gets used beyond the choir.

It’s the best of times and worst of times — we’ve never had so many great voices on our side. Yet so few people hear those great voices — and so too often we’re losing when we should be winning.

I’ve noted often over the years the number of terrific conservative websites out there — below are links from just one of those websites, American Greatness. After being out of town last week and busy for several, I’m catching up with emails today so some of these links go back a week or two.

For brevity, I’m just including the headlines. So many of these articles are worth the time to read for their informational value and insightfulness:

How Facebook Policy Hinders Political Speech

A New Color of Censorship from the SPLC

Pop Guns On the Left Don’t Hit Their Target

Immigrants Won’t Pay for Our Pensions—We’ll Pay for Theirs

Demonization of Nunes Is a Window into Our Times

Requiem for the Pro-Life Movement

Of Campaign Violations and Congressional Sex Slush Funds

Why Black Voters Are Turning to Trump

The GOP’s Tax Cut Blinders

The New Refuge of Scoundrels

Trump Must Revive the Greatness Agenda Before It’s Too Late

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