There Is No Such Thing as ‘Transgendered’

Tom Trinko opens his above-titled article with this:

Conservatives win when people have the truth, because modern liberal causes are always built on lies.

And that’s why I call it an information war. If Republicans and conservatives don’t reach enough of the uninformed and misinformed with the truth — and currently we are failing miserably to do so — we lose the information war and the country.

Here’s more from Trinko:

When conservatives buy into the lie, we lose. For example, gay marriage is culturally accepted, in part, because for 30 years conservatives have been unwilling, out of misplaced sympathy, to correctly describe the gay lifestyle.

Sexually active gays are essentially never monogamous, die young due to diseases they get from their promiscuous lifestyle, are depressed and despondent, are likely to use drugs, and are fixated on sex, not love. Being a sexually active gay is worse for one’s health than being a smoker.

Yet conservatives generally haven’t objected to the lie that gays are just like heterosexuals. But once one agrees to that, it’s really hard to explain to low-information voters why gays don’t make great parents and shouldn’t be allowed to marry. On the other hand, conservatives have been constantly pointing out the lies of the climate alarmists, and as a result, the average American couldn’t care less about climate change. Given the truth, the vast majority of people will pick the conservative position most of the time.

The latest round in liberals’ assault on Judeo-Christian morality is their demented desire to normalize insanity – namely that one’s sex is merely a matter of what one wants it to be. As usual, their position is based on the totally false claim that a person’s sex is not biological, but psychological.

Christians, whom liberals constantly label as “anti-science,” have no problem realizing that DNA defines our biological identity but not who we are. Yet modern liberals reject settled science and claim that someone with a woman’s DNA can really be biologically male.

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