There’s Not a Republican Anywhere Near Baltimore

Two passages about the riots in Baltimore this week. First, here’s Rush from his transcript titled “Man-Made Liberalism on Display”:

School choice, there isn’t any. Parents are forced, in these liberal-run cities, to send their kids to absolutely dilapidated buildings to be taught a bunch of liberal drivel that’s only making them angrier and unhappier. And all of this is the directed result of Democrat Party politics and policies.
There’s not a Republican anywhere near here.

[T]hey tell me that another 12 million illegal immigrants are gonna be granted amnesty and they’re gonna flood the job and I already can’t find one, and it’s my Democrat Party doing this? Yeah. And then I’m told, “Don’t worry, we’re looking out for you. Your real enemy is the Republicans, and we’re protecting you from them.” You’ve done a great job of that. There aren’t any Republicans anywhere near Baltimore, Maryland!

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The next is from Heather MacDonald’s post “Baltimore in Flames: While the city burns, liberals place blame everywhere but where it belongs: on criminality and on family breakdown.”

[O]ver 72 percent of black children are born to single-mother households today, three times the black illegitimacy rate when Daniel Patrick Moynihan wrote his prescient analysis of black family breakdown in 1965.

Baltimore councilman Brandon Scott came closest to the truth last night in a city news conference when he angrily called on adults to “get out there and stand up for your neighborhood . . . . Adults have to step up and be adults and control our future.” True enough. But primary responsibility lies with children’s own two parents. Pace Dyson, “we” have spent trillions of dollars since the 1960s trying to help black youth. A social worker and a government check are no substitute for a father and mother, however.

The same day that the student mob looted the 7-Eleven in 2012, eight people were shot in Baltimore in just 24 hours, a toll typical of Baltimore’s astronomical crime rate. Magnitudes more black men are killed by other black men in Baltimore and other American cities than by the police. But those killings are ignored, because they don’t fit into the favored narrative of a white, racist America lethally oppressing blacks. Police misconduct is deplorable and must be eradicated wherever it exists. But until the black crime rate comes down, police presence is going to be higher in black neighborhoods, increasing the chances that when police tactics go awry, they will have a black victim.

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