There’s Too Much Pro-Trump And Anti-Trump Venom. Can’t We Just All Agree We Don’t Like Jeb?

The above headline is John Hawkins’ at — it was too good not to use for this post. Below is an excerpt from the Hawkins’ article and a few links to other views on the still controverisal debate last week.

Anger in conservative politics is generally an overhyped phenomenon. When Republicans win at the ballot box, it’s supposedly all about anger. Conservatives like a talk radio host? It’s about anger. If Republicans complain about some debacle Obama is involved in, it has to be all about anger.

Most of the time, that’s bunk. However, if you want to see some real anger, start listening to conservatives talking about the Republican Party. The Republican Party is led by people who are habitually incompetent, dishonest, out-of-touch and corrupt. We gave them huge wins in 2010 and 2014 and in return, the leadership of the Republican Party has lied to us, acted as if we’re stupid and has done more to push Obama’s agenda than ours.

A lot of the conservatives who are justifiably angry about the performance of the Republican Party have gravitated towards Donald Trump’s campaign because despite his flaws, he’s strong where the Republican Party is weak. He’s not politically correct, he’s proven himself to be hyper-competent in business, he’s a fighter, he pays attention to the base, he talks about issues conservatives care about and he can’t be bought off.

Those are an attractive set of qualities to conservative Republicans and thus far, they have been enough to draw in about a quarter of Republican primary voters in a 17-man field.

That brings us to the debate on Fox.

During the debate, Fox moderators spent an inordinate amount of time trying to get the candidates to fight with each other, but they obviously had a special dislike for Trump. Even Lindsey Graham, who hates Trump’s guts admitted it was like they were trying to make him look like the “biggest b@stard on the planet.”

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Thomas Sowell: “Nothing could more plainly, or more painfully, show what is wrong with the priorities of the media.” Why Did Last Week’s Debates Focus So Much on Trump and So Little on Iran?

Cal Thomas: “If the candidate doesn’t like a question, deflect it and give an answer to a question that should have been asked.” Fox debate: It’s the media’s job to ask tough questions, not serve softballs

Pat Buchanan: “What was supposed to be a debate among the top-10 Republican candidates turned into a bear-baiting of Donald Trump. Make no mistake. The issues Fox News raised were legitimate.” Taking Down The Donald

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