These Are Not Ordinary Times

From Bill Muehlenberg:

In normal times we have people being born, marrying, having a family, and dying – or situations more or less like that. When things are quiet and peaceful, we go about our business, and we do not exert too much energy. But in times of crisis, or times of war, then everything changes.

When our very culture is threatened, then things change. Then we no longer just go with the flow; then we no longer live ordinary lives, but we then start living extraordinary lives. These times demand that we make changes, make adjustments, and start living in a much more radical fashion.

That has been true of every time of war, and it is true now. You see, we are now in a spiritual war, a cultural war, and a civilizational war. Things are no longer the same, so we can no longer be the same. We must change, we must become fully involved, and we must leave behind the old way of living.

We no longer can just get by with ordinary citizens in such times. We desperately need a different class of people in such situations: we need heroes. We need men and women who will rise to the occasion, and perform valiantly in the name of their God.

Today we have plenty of anti-heroes – those who are famous and in the news for all the wrong reasons. We have far too many negative role models – those who are leading an entire generation of young people astray. Such anti-heroes are a dime a dozen today.

But we now very much need men and women who will stand up and be counted. We need heroes who will bravely fight the good fight when everything is at risk of being lost. One American writer has recently penned a great piece on this very thing, and is well worth citing here. I refer to Melissa Moschella and her excellent article, “A Time for Heroism“.

She says, “If we hope to protect the unborn, promote sexual integrity, preserve the truth about marriage, and defend the freedom of religious conscience in our country, we cannot simply live good lives—we must live heroic ones.”

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