These Guys Sure Know How to Hate

Bill Muehlenberg has two posts up outlining the foolishness (and worse) resulting from the passage of the Indiana Religious Freedom Restoration Act. I’m continually stunned by the childish behavior of the “LGBT” community, as well as the intellectual fecklessness demonstrated by public officials — even supposedly conservative ones. (I should state, however, that the lies of the extremely left-wing media never surprises me.)

Muehlenberg quotes from several sources in both posts, and it’s not easy to choose excerpts, here is one from each of these highly recommended posts:

Indiana, Homosexuality and Hypocrisy

The recently passed Religious Freedom Restoration Act in Indiana has unleashed a torrent of hatred, abuse and bullying from the militant homosexual activists. And it has also once again clearly demonstrated why the secular left are the biggest hypocrites around.

The law is pretty clear. As Eric Teetsel writes, “The purpose of the law is straightforward: RFRA requires that laws that inhibit a citizen’s constitutional right to religious free exercise 1) further a compelling government interest; and 2) do so in the least-restrictive means possible.”

Of interest, the bill, which goes into effect July 1, does not even mention sexual orientation. But the homosexuals and their militant buddies are frothing at the mouth, urging everyone to boycott Indiana because of this “discriminatory” legislation.

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These Guys Sure Know How to Hate

There are no greater haters than the homosexual activists. Every day we find more conclusive proof that these folks are the most hate-filled, nasty and malicious folks in the West. The demonic rage and fury of these activists is simply frightening in the extreme.

And all their hatred gives lie to the claim that they just want to be left alone to live in peace. They do not in the slightest just want to be allowed to do their own thing in the privacy of their own bedrooms. There are on an unholy crusade to ram their agenda down the throats of everyone else.

No other group that I know of (except for perhaps the angry misotheists – and these two groups overlap to a good extent) can get so utterly enraged and incensed when someone dares to think differently and not fall down and worship their coercive agenda.

The foaming at the mouth over the Indiana religious freedom law is a case in point. These guys have gone absolutely ballistic, showing just how much they are into tolerance, acceptance and diversity – the very things they scream about all the time.

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