Few Think High School Grads Have Skills for College, Workforce

For veterans of conservative politics every issue is the same in that for years if not decades we’ve know the problems and the solutions. Another constant is the snails pace, if there is any pace at all, when it comes to conservative politicians taking real and effective action towards selling and implementing the reforms.

One of the many good examples is that of the public schools, where every thirteen year time period sees another group of American children ushered through mediocre or failed K-12 taxpayer funded systems.

It’s not easy to avoid getting tired of saying the same thing over and over again, and every few weeks there are a batch headlines chronicling this miserable saga. Here are just three recent news and commentary items:

Few Think High School Grads Have Skills for College, Workforce

Voters don’t hold much hope for the Class of 2015 – most say high school graduates today don’t have the skills for either college or the workforce.

A new Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey finds that 22% of Likely U.S. Voters think most high school graduates today have the skills needed for college. This is up slightly from May  and in line with findings from earlier this year. Fifty-nine percent (59%) disagree, down eight points from May, which was the highest level of concern about high schoolers’ college readiness to date. Twenty percent (20%) are undecided. (To see survey question wording, click here.)

Editor’s note: This article was posted here, but typically Rasmussen Reports doesn’t save their links so it might have already changed.

Education: One Area You Can Take Back Liberty Without Washington’s Help

Many of us recognize that we are losing our liberties in America. However, many of us don’t understand why. We naively think it only has to do with those currently in power in the federal government. While many are responsible for continuing that process, the real issue is we have simply surrendered our liberty. We desperately want our liberty back, but we, as individuals, can’t just get rid of the Federal Reserve or nullify Obamacare (of course, we can work together to do those things). However, there is one important area, perhaps the most important area of your life, in which you can take back a huge portion of your liberty, and that is in the area of education.

I have often encouraged readers here are Freedom Outpost to abandon the public government education system, especially in light of the federal government’s push for Common Core Standards. It is merely a religious institution with the state established as god. “If you send your children to a state school, don’t be surprised when they become statists,” I always say.

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The Left’s Legal War on Children

Nearly 60 years after Milton Friedman proposed a system of universal school choice in his seminal essay “The Role of Government in Education,” his vision is more popular than ever — and opponents of school choice are taking every measure to fight it.

In a recent survey by Education Next, half of those polled expressed support for universal school vouchers, and 60 percent favored giving tax credits for individual and corporate donations to scholarship organizations that help low- and middle-income families pay private-school tuition. Moreover, a recent Friedman Foundation survey found that support for school-choice tax-credit laws was highest among groups that traditionally vote for Democrats, including low-income Americans (67 percent), younger people (74 percent), blacks (72 percent), and Hispanics (80 percent).

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