‘This Is The War We Are In’

I keep saying it — all the issues are the same. Most Americans have little working knowledge of basic economics — otherwise, they would not be voting for any Democrats or many Republicans. What’s the best approach to getting more people health insurance and health care? There’s an amazing body of work out there — but Republicans and conservatives aren’t in the information war in a way that that information gets conveyed to enough people. And on and on…

The same applies, of course, to the arena of social science data regarding the benefits of the natural family and the importance of marriage. Not long ago, Bill Muehlenberg wrote a piece titled “And They Call This Research.” Here is his open:

OK, another set of banner front-page headlines telling us that children do just peachy keen in homosexual households. Yep, it must be some rock-solid research there. After all, the mainstream media has run with it, and the homosexual activists are delighted with it, so it must be true.

What a joke. But the homosexual activists and their supporters do this all the time. We hear so many brainless headlines about how children just thrive in their alternative lifestyle households, and it always gets massive media coverage.

But is this really science, or simply propaganda? Well, I will let you decide.

In typical Muehlenberg fashion, he then lays out the case thoroughly. Bill is a prolific writer, by the way, and I’ve described his website as a free university. He is a great example of how much terrific material our side produces — but that material reaches too few people.

After describing another bogus study, here is his close:

[The study] will simply make the front page headlines, and be treated as if we now have conclusive, overwhelming proof that kids do just fine, and probably even better, in homosexual households. Of course this sham “research” has established nothing of the kind. It is pseudo-science used to push an agenda. That is all it is.

And of course the thousands upon thousands of social science studies which show beyond a shadow of a doubt that children do best, all things considered, when raised by their own married heterosexual parents is never even mentioned.

Of course not. Truth like this is far too inconvenient, so they will simply ignore it, suppress it, or try, incredibly, to rubbish it. And again, the totally biased and prejudiced mainstream media will never run with these sorts of studies anyway.

No matter how thorough the research, no matter how large the sample group, no matter how lengthy the longitudinal study, if it affirms what we all know by common sense, that children need a mum and a dad, the MSM will simply ignore it.

So all this is not science in the least, but advocacy and agenda-pushing masquerading as science. And all this is not reporting, but a lamestream media which has long ago stopped reporting, and has instead taken to editorialising and opinion making and formation.

That is the war we are in. For those who want to learn more about the fraudulent and laughable methodology involved in this shoddy research, I have several chapters in my book Strained Relations which deal with all this in great detail.

“This is the war we are in.” Yep. It’s called the information war. Read Bill Muehlenberg’s entire article here.

Image credit: A painting by Thomas Cole, from Wikipedia.