This is Why They are Winning

Here’s the second Bill Muehlenberg post on the topic of the information war:

I wrote a piece yesterday on the culture wars and why our side is losing so much of the time, while the other side seems to be winning so often. I noted that the other side sees the bigger picture and is willing to work for the long haul.

Christians and conservatives tend not to. As a result, they keep notching up victories and we keep notching up defeats. I said that we too need to see the bigger picture and be willing to go long term in these battles if we want to be successful. You can read what I wrote here.

One clear cut example of all this is the battle over homosexuality. The activists have long had a big perspective on this, and have been willing to take the necessary time to achieve their goals. And they have always been quite upfront about their goals and strategies.

It is just that most folks on our side were not aware of them, or did not want to be aware of them. I have made it my business to be aware of such things. Thus for decades now I have read the homosexual press and followed their strategies as outlined in their books.

Yet many of my colleagues have been rather clueless over the years. Some of them have told me that the issue is no big deal. Even noted Christian leaders have told me that. And when I warned twenty years ago about the push for homosexual marriage, some of these leaders scoffed and said it was just not going to happen.

I suppose I can now say “I told you so” and leave it at that. But we still have Christian leaders in denial or with their heads in the sand concerning various fronts in the culture wars. They still don’t get it and they still are not taking the threats seriously.

Meanwhile the other side takes their mission very seriously indeed. Decades ago they devised strategies and game plans to win, and this is unfolding before our very eyes. They are big picture people in for the duration of the war. We are not. That is why they are winning.

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