This Is Your Life under Obamacare

From James Arlandson at American Thinker:

We couldn’t afford Medicare or Medicaid. They’re unfunded liabilities by trillions of dollars, when projected into the future. And the solution is — what? To impose a third government insurance program that we can’t afford — ObamaCare?

That’s like a working-class family not being able to afford their two cars, so their solution is to buy a third one.

The same parade of horrible things listed above shall — shall — happen under Obamacare, coming to its rotten fruition in the next two or three decades. No, this won’t happen overnight. This is why the never-spike-the-ball president was wrong when, at the Obamacare signing, he said he didn’t see the sky fall or the birds stop singing or Armageddon. Of course the decline won’t happen by tomorrow. But the degradation shall happen.

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