This mom’s pro-life activism began when she named her aborted child

LifeSiteNews2From LifeSiteNews:

In the dream there is a glass house, and inside, a baby. The interior of the house is on fire, and there is no way in. The baby will surely die.

This recurring nightmare so tortured Claudette Breton in the days immediately following her abortion in 1975 that she stopped going to bed at night.

“In my heart, I knew what I had done was wrong,” said Ms. Breton, who will take part in her second National March for Life tomorrow in Ottawa with the Silent No More Awareness Campaign Canada.

The resident of Sault St. Marie, Ontario, was 21 years old when she confided to her mother that she was pregnant. Finding no support for continuing her pregnancy, she decided on abortion. The laws in Canada then were a bit stricter than today’s no-holds-barred policy, so Ms. Breton prepared to meet with three doctors who would determine her fate. But there was only one doctor in the office whose décor she remembers in minute detail, and he asked only two questions before sending her on her way: Did she know who the father was, and what did her parents think? A week later, she was informed that her “procedure” had been approved.

She felt empty when she got the news, but that emptiness soon was momentarily replaced by the first movements of the child in her womb. “I knew I was pretty far along to have felt that flutter.”

Unlike her crystal clear memories of her interview with the doctor who would approve her abortion, she has very few memories of the procedure itself. She does remember a nurse telling her not to cry, that it would be over soon.

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