All Three Networks Ignore Report on 14-Yr-Old Girl Raped In Her School by Illegal Alien

This is typical of the three networks, disgusting, and why I keep hammering on the need for conservatives to start getting serious about fighting the information war. Here is an excerpt from a piece by Kristine Marsh, and then three more related headlines:

Last Thursday, a young girl attending Rockville High School in Maryland was brutally gang raped in her school’s bathroom by two fellow students, at least one of which was in the country illegally. Jose O. Montano, 17, from El Salvador, and Henry E. Sanchez-Milian, 18, from Guatemala, were charged last week with raping their 14-year-old female classmate in the school’s men’s bathroom. Both had only been in Montgomery County for a few months before they were placed in the school’s 9th grade class. Sanchez-Milian is a confirmed illegal immigrant that is being detained by ICE officials while officials will not comment on Montano’s immigration status, as he is a minor.

Fox News’s Bret Baier was the first reporter to tell the story on national television on his show Monday. Tuesday, a local Fox News reporter asked White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer about what Trump would be doing to curtail these kinds of crimes. Despite the room being packed with reporters from every national news network, ABC, NBC and CBS refused to report the story yet again Tuesday night or Wednesday morning.

While even Univision reported on the story last night, the CNN and MSNBC followed the network’s lead and also ignored the story.

Fox News’s Tucker Carlson and Bret Baier both did updated reports on the story last night, highlighting the outraged community and the Montgomery County Schools Superintendent Jack Smith’s pathetic response to the horrible crime:

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