Thunder on the right: Video & radio ads, and newsletters

Anyone who is getting tired of seeing Barack Obama TV ads – or for that matter finds the existence of the Obama TV channel a bit creepy – can point and click and find an alternative viewpoint by visiting the websites of the “Let Freedom Ring USA” organization.

  • At, there are four short (one minute or so) videos on economic policy, right to life policy, judicial choices, and Martin Luther King Jr.’s dream.
  • At there are thirteen short video ads featured.
  • At there is a 30 second video explaining that Obama doesn’t flip flop, he holds two views simultaneously.
  • And finally, at – there are, as the address suggests, radio ads on several topics, including energy policy, ethanol, experience, foreign policy, health care reform, immigration, the price of gasoline, a possible recession, and union elections.

On the old fashioned mailed-newsletter front, James Dobson‘s October edition was also brought to my attention the other day. Dobson, founder of Focus on the Family, has been publicly critical of John McCain, but will be voting for him nevertheless. The full text of his letter is posted here. Below are a few excerpts.

He opens with a sentiment many of us understand:

“Dear Friends,
Can you feel the tension in the air? The nation – and indeed, the world – is holding its collective breath as the final days of the presidential campaign wind down and the candidates engage in one last round of electioneering and debating. By this time next month, we’ll know whether Senator John McCain or Senator Barack Obama will be inaugurated in January as the 44th President of the United States.
Considering the stark differences between the two presidential candidates and the critical issues that are hanging in the balance, it’s not difficult to understand why Campaign 2008 has been such a spirited affair.”

Here are a few more of Dobson’s comments put into bullet points:

  • Let’s start with the need to elect a pro-family, pro-life President. The importance of this objective cannot be overstated.
  • [New justices that could be appointed to the Supreme Court] will likely affect the definition of marriage, religious freedom, and the protection (or lack thereof) of life in the womb.
  • It’s probably obvious which of the two major party candidates’ views are most palatable to those of us who embrace a pro-life, pro-family worldview. While I will not endorse either candidate this year, I can say that I am now supportive of Senator John McCain and his bid for the presidency.
  • I will gladly support politicians of any stripe who are willing to defend the sanctity of human life, support the institution of traditional marriage, protect the country from terrorism and advance the cause of religious liberty. While certainly not perfect, the 2008 Republican platform comes closest to embracing those ideals by a wide margin.

Regarding Obama, Dobson notes one of the ways Obama is radical on abortion –

– “[He] has promised that ‘the first thing I’d do as president’ would be to sign the Freedom of Choice Act. The FOCA is a devastating piece of legislation that would overturn nearly every local, state, and federal anti-abortion law passed in the last 40 years. In fact, it’s so broadly written that legal analysts suggest the bill may prevent institutions and physicians from refusing to provide abortion services by invoking the conscience clause.”

Dobson goes into some depth commenting on all four people on the two major party tickets – John McCain, Sarah Palin, Barack Obama and Joe Biden. Americans who have regard for Dobson’s faith and works should read the letter and take its contents to heart. Click here to read it.
Near the end, Dobson writes:

“This election is about the future of the nation, but it will also go a long way toward determining the culture your children and grandchildren will come to know. I know you will vote with your children and your children’s children in mind. That certainly puts the election in a different light, doesn’t it?”