Time for America to get through the fog and wake up

By Anthony J. DeBlasi:

It’s harder than ever to know what’s going on in today’s messed up world, thanks to the flood of misinformation and the political censorship of mainstream news and social media. It seems at times best to shut out the noise, put in a good day’s work, and conclude with a prayer. Unfortunately, that luxury is no longer an option in today’s ruptured America.

What comes clearest through the fog of misinformation and censorship may be identified as a sort of table of essential requirements for today’s Americans. Americans are being made to believe that to be decent people, they have to

  • renounce the sovereignty of their country
  • accept illegal migration across the Mexican border
  • allow instant citizenship to illegal migrants
  • allow exposing themselves to foreign terrorists
  • condone Islamic jihad and accept sharia law
  • tolerate the vilification of police officers
  • accept the export of American jobs to other countries
  • denigrate America’s heritage and remove its symbols
  • denounce people of white skin
  • reject the nature and reality of male and female
  • reject freedom of speech

Missing from this list (admittedly incomplete) is the disclaimer that each one of these requirements is the opposite of what decent Americans should do.

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