Time to Give Thanks to White Males

Here is Noel S. Williams writing at American Thinker suggesting another thing to give thanks for:

While every other demographic group is coddled by the media, it is still PC to ridicule white males, partly because they are a benign majority who don’t complain much. This Thanksgiving seems an opportune time to give them thanks for forging a country that beckons the world’s tired, huddled masses, and to appreciate their overall magnanimity in sharing our abundance.

The loony left, forever futile in foisting the discredited socialist tenet of equal outcomes upon unequal contributors, purports that white privilege explains discrepancies in achievement.  Actually, through their invention, brilliance, and industry, whites wrestled comfort and plenty from nature’s tight grasp. Guilt-ridden apologists, effete elites, and the race-hustling grievance industry may discredit Western Civilization and rewrite American history, but through our beneficence America’s poor are comfortable, compared to the most of the earth’s population. Our bottom 99 percent comes “surprisingly close” to being in the top 1 percent of household incomes worldwide.

. . .

Clearly, white males are mostly – mostly — a bighearted bunch who deserve our thanks for reaching out to minorities in a way few other countries bother. Even President Trump wants the Department of Energy to commit a formidable $200 million every year to expand racial and gender diversity in computer science curricula.

. . .

This Thanksgiving, civility compels us to give thanks that American white males, admittedly spurred on by once-relevant Civil Rights groups, nevertheless helped lead us to the broad, sunlit uplands of equal opportunity. The bitter left, engulfed in misappropriated white guilt for not bucking the prevailing standards of the time, and the malicious media may mock us, but thanks to our preponderance of compassion America remains the last great hope of earth.  Period.

Happy Thanksgiving, pilgrims.

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Image credit: www.americanthinker.com.