Time to lift the veil on Sen. Kirk’s health status

Anyone with half a functioning brain knows that if U.S. Senator Mark Kirk was doing well he’d be facing the cameras himself. Like someone being innocent until proven guilty, we can assume Kirk is not doing well until he proves otherwise.

The behavior of the media on this story up until now has been typical. Mark Kirk is a social liberal extremist, and the media adores Republicans who refuse to vote against partial birth abortion. Not to mention his publicly bashing President George W. Bush at a crucial point in the Iraq War for Kirk’s own political benefit. If you want to know more about why the media loves him, click here.

The fact that his staff is silent, as are other elected Republicans in Illinois, is not a surprise either. I don’t really know what to say except that they all look silly because of it.

If Kirk can continue to serve, we need to know how soon. If they don’t yet know if he can, he needs to resign his office and let the pathetic vultures swarm over who will replace him. As Blago said, that office is bleeping gold.

As I noted in a post elsewhere, a friend made a very good point: imagine the outcry there would be from the corrupt establishment IL GOP and the media for the resignation of the U.S. Senator had it been Peter Fitzgerald who suffered a stroke.

Finally yesterday some news stories ran raising the obvious-from-the-beginning question regarding whether or not Kirk can continue to serve as a senator. Here’s a sampling:

Time to lift the veil on Sen. Kirk’s health status

Hultgren peppered with questions about Kirk’s condition

Questions raised over Senator Mark Kirk’s rehabilitation status