To be Believed: Trump and the Bannister Effect

Here is Hank Wallace writing about what is to be believed:

No one would have believed in 2015 that one guy could have done all this in less than two years:

  • Cut taxes
  • Appoint a decent conservative to the Supreme Court
  • Destroy ISIS
  • Scrap TPP
  • Dig into NAFTA
  • Slash federal regulations
  • Ban travel from terror-sponsoring nations
  • Move our embassy to Jerusalem
  • Freeze federal hiring
  • Use tariffs to prod our trading partners to negotiate
  • Dump net neutrality
  • Sucker the media into betraying their papier mâché objectivity

Who would have suspected that any man could survive scorching allegation after allegation, with the result being a 50% approval rating? Who would have thought that we could have a president packing rallies with tens of thousands of people overflowing into the parking lot, just to be part of the experience of making America great again? Who would have thought that one man, one solitary man, could take on the corrupt news media, and make them look like fools?

But now we know it is possible. Now we know that there are actually some thinking people in this country.

. . .

I have recognized for years that the problem with Washington is not “politics.” The problem is that many, many of the people running government are just plain evil. They are working for their own benefit to the detriment of everyone else, and they don’t care who gets hurt. These people are not just thieves, they are very clever thieves and have figured out how to steal from generations yet unborn. Every child born today inherits over $60,000 in debt, right out of the womb. Well, if the child is lucky enough to be born at all. This is not politics, this is evil.

And Donald Trump called evil, evil. Never in my life had I expected to hear this plain-speaking honesty from a president. I now know it’s possible, and due to the Bannister Effect I’m going to work even harder to put more people in charge who will call good, good, and evil, evil at every level.

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