To get bin Laden, Obama relied on policies he decried


Editor's note: The title used above is that of Michael Barone's latest column which is worth reading. The excerpt below is from a James Carafano article at the Heritage Foundation website. Follow the link at the end to read his entire post.


Top Six Reasons We Got Osama bin Laden


Taking down Osama bin Laden was an achievement resulting from a culmination of a decade of national security policy. Soft power and diplomacy helped along the way, but it was hard power and military might that made it possible.


President George W. Bush put the correct policies in place, including the PATRIOT Act, Gitmo and increased intelligence gathering. President Barack Obama was wise to continue executing many of the same strategies. Here are the main reasons we were able to take him out.


#1. We Invaded Afghanistan.


#2. We Set Up Gitmo.


#3. We Increased Intelligence Gathering.


#4. We Didn't Quit Afghanistan.


#5. We Protected the Homeland.


#6. We Provided for the Common Defense.