To Win, We Must Make Things Clear

Bruce Walker is correct in what he writes below but I’d add that we need to reach more of the uninformed and misinformed — printed words seen by eyes, spoken words heard by ears — with what it is we’re making clear:

The key to conservative victory in elections, and then turning electoral victories toward policy, is to make things clear. Most Americans are conservative, although they often do not know it because the left hides facts and tries to keep us confused. Name-calling and fear-mongering are the left’s version of political rhetoric.

The left never presents issues honestly, and to the extent that we try to respond to issues the left has framed, we lose. To win, we must make things clear. This was part of the genius of Reagan. How can we do it?

First, we must clear out the clutter. In the Senate, that means ending the filibuster, which allows senators to hide their real positions from voters. In Congress generally, it means ending the unsavory penchant for sloppily pasting amendments on bills and creating bills too long and complex for people to understand. Clarity is our weapon, and we must use that weapon directly.

Second, we must craft bills (or policy positions) that are short and simple enough for almost every voter to understand. It is the left that lusts for chaotic and gargantuan legislative creatures that require the mysterious interpretations of insider punditry and leave ordinary Americans as parts of this rabble or that crowd.

When the left makes its predictable whine of extremism, we respond by saying: “What, exactly, is extreme about this bill? The language of this bill follows very closely what the overwhelming majority of Americans believe ought to be the law. Are most Americans, then, ‘extremists’ to Democrats?”

This is the approach conservatives ought to take on every policy issue. Put our proposals in short, specific language in legislative bills and convention platform planks so that what we believe and what we propose can be grasped very quickly and accurately.

There are plenty of issues that can be defined clearly and are strongly supported by a conservative America. We will begin to regularly win political issues when we make the conservative response to issues clear and concrete.

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