‘Too Complex’ – Boy Scout Board Sets Sail on Rudderless Ship

Clash DailyFrom ClashDaily.com:

Well, well, well. The guardians of the Scout’s Honor have decided that the decision is “too complex” to decide now, so they’ve kicked the can down the road until May.

Too complex? Man on man sex? Sodomy? Hunky Jesus, Gay Pride, Leather week, STD’s, substance abuse, shorter lifespans, physical abuse, emotional trauma and a suicide rate that is through the roof — all too complex to decide if we should introduce the gay deathstyle to our pre-pubescent sons? An open door with a come-as-you-are invitation to pederasts and the Boy Scouts of America are confused and left pondering.

To those who still hold out hope for the Boy Scouts of America to “do the right thing;” THEY’VE ALREADY DONE THE WRONG THING! Surely this is obvious to men of honor. Who among you would allow any one of those board members, who can’t decide if sodomy is wrong, then go on to call the decision “too complex,” to even babysit your child for half an hour? And these are the men who will guide the organization that would teach our children to live morally upright, clean and reverent lives? Do you really want Dan Savage and Kevin Jennings tying knots with your cub scout? (Sorry for that punintentional mind picture). How about Harvey Fierstein’s fireside chats?

Why is it that we’ve heard from the two BSA members who are pro-sodomy but haven’t heard from any of the others who support morality? The alphabet clan is shouting sexual anarchy from the rooftops, yet those that support morality are hiding under their desks. If you were on that board, would you be incognito? Would you retain any respect for someone who held the right standard but wouldn’t defend it or even support it in public? A reader to my latest column on the Boy Scouts (read here) quoted Solomon in regard to the board’s silence, “Like a muddied spring or a polluted well is a righteous man who gives way before the wicked.”

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