If ObamaCare Is Judged Unconstitutional, Here’s How To Reform Healthcare

Since “Hillarycare” (1993!) Republicans had fiddled while Rome burned. Will they now take this excellent advice from Grace-Marie Turner? Let’s hope…

If the U.S. Supreme Court declares ObamaCare’s individual mandate unconstitutional and non-severable, the first reaction from a large majority of Americans will be a huge sigh of relief, gauging from opinion polls that show two-thirds want the law, or at least its individual mandate, struck down.

But then what? There is universal agreement that there are serious problems in the health sector that must be addressed, but there is absolutely no appetite among the American people or in Congress for another 2,800-page bill. House Speaker John Boehner says the American people want a “common-sense, step-by-step approach to health care reform.”

A presidential election year is the ideal time to articulate the new vision based upon free enterprise, consumer choice, and costs that are reduced through competitive pressures, not ObamaCare’s rationing and price controls. In recent speeches and articles, Republican Mitt Romney has emphasized his support for “a free market, federalist approach” that spurs competition, flexibility, and consumer choice. Voters will be watching closely.

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