Tough times at the Daily Herald show through with Palin editorial

It’s always fun when the political left throws a little hissy fit in public. One humorous example is in today’s Daily Herald editorial “An open letter on political speech.”

“Dear Sarah Palin” they begin. “Welcome to the suburbs. We’re looking forward to your appearances in Rosemont today at a Republican Party fundraiser and, later, at the Rosemont Theatre for a paid speech sponsored by a media outlet.”

Then they make an attempt at snippy sarcasm by referring to the cost of the tickets to the event. I don’t know about you, but “fundraiser” to me means someone is raising funds. Their next paragraph merely clarifies their confusion:

We admit to being a little unsure about how to characterize your appearance. The GOP fundraiser portion is self-explanatory, but when it comes to the Rosemont Theatre event, is that a personal lecture? A political rally? Promotional materials for the show have called it just ‘An Evening with Sarah Palin,’ so we’ll take it at that and see what develops over time.

How many times a day do paid speakers appear at fundraisers in this country? Thousands? Evidently this is a new concept for the lefties writing Daily Herald editorials.

The snippiness continues with this:

For one, we’re naturally interested in your thoughts about media’s relationship to political and public figures. Your Rosemont Theatre address is promised to be free of ‘media or liberal filters.’ Yet, you are sponsored by a radio station that bills itself as ‘Chicago’s conservative talk radio station.’ Is that not a media filter? And, if reports of your speech are run through politically moderate or conservative filters, is that OK?

There is no filter when Sarah is talking directly to the audience. I’m not sure what’s difficult to understand about that. The fairness of the reports on the event will be weighed by readers. It’s not surprising that the old line media is dying a slow, painful death. More Americans than ever now realize that the quality of the “filter” matters.

Sarah, the Daily Herald asks, “do you aim truly to unite Americans behind a message – as, for at least a time, did your political nemesis and fellow beneficiary of rock-star media coverage Barack Obama?”

For a time? Obama has never been a uniter. While he won 52% of the vote a year and a half ago, his reelect numbers are now less than 40% and the pollsters tell us that the country has never been more divided.

The Daily Herald says it’s looking for “an effective balancing point between the extremes of the political bar.” I assume that means they’d like to retract their endorsement of Barack Obama, who surely has proven to millions more what many of us already knew – that he’s to the far left.

And then there’s the oil accident in the Gulf. Surely Palin must now have changed her mind about the need for increasing domestic supplies of energy because of a catastrophic failure of BP and the Obama Administration to contain the oil spill. Right Sarah?

The editorial writers are depressed that they don’t know more about Palin:

[S]omehow, there are so many important political and philosophical details missing. Are you indeed the female embodiment of Ronald Reagan? Or, are you Dan Quayle on a roll? Many of us in the suburbs will be eagerly watching for signals tonight.

Ah yes, Dan Quayle. At least they didn’t compare her to Vice President and King of Gaffes Joe Biden.

To understand their depression you have to look beyond Sarah Palin’s appearance today at a political fundraiser. You need only peruse the headlines – here are a couple worth reading today:

The Welfare State’s Death Spiral

Fannie & Freddie Bailouts Cost Taxpayers $7 Billion per Month

As Margaret Thatcher predicted, the socialists have now run out of other people’s money. It’s not easy to be a liberal today in the dying old-media industry.

Fortunately, there has never been more sources of news and information available. I’m reminded today that while I rarely read the filtered news coming through the Daily Herald, they are sometimes good for a laugh.