‘Transgender’ Tyranny

From Laurie Higgins:

In a recent essay for The Spectator, Brendan O’Neill argues that the political movement to legally recognize non-marital homoerotic relationships as marriages undermines freedom and liberty:

[E]verywhere gay marriage has been introduced it has battered freedom, not boosted it. Debate has been chilled, dissenters harried, critics tear-gassed…. The double-thinking ‘freedom to marry’ has done more to power the elbow of the state than it has to expand the liberty of men and women.
There are awkward questions the ‘freedom to marry’ folks just can’t answer. Like: if gay marriage is a liberal cause, how come it’s been attended by authoritarianism wherever it’s been introduced?

[T]he gay marriage campaign is so contradictorily illiberal, so hostile to dissent, and so attractive to petty-authoritarian politicians: because it isn’t about expanding liberty at all; it’s about unilaterally overhauling the moral outlook of the traditionalist sections of society.

O’Neill argues that the legal destruction of marriage is the “final act in a pink-tinged tyranny kickstarted by the new authoritarians of the modern West.”

Unfortunately, there are yet more edicts to come from the sexually transgressive, this time from “transgenders.” Their tyrannical demands include changing the legal and grammatical landscape so that neither legal documents nor pronouns reflect the objective reality of biological sex (i.e., male and female) but rather the subjective world of disordered feelings about one’s biological sex.

In the perversely malleable, subjective universe of the gender-confused, all dimensions of culture must accept and submit to their desires and the ideology they have concocted to serve those desires. Now even the law must submit. Confused men who choose to have their healthy penises amputated, faux-women’s breasts affixed to their chests, and to cross-dress demand that their birth certificates be changed. No longer will birth certificates indicate objective biological sex at birth but, rather, the biological sex adults wish they were. Birth certificates and all other legal documents that indicate sex will no longer reflect objective reality but subjective desire.

In the service of promoting the perverse sexual ideology created to normalize gender-confusion, “progressives” resolved to gain access to the impressionable hearts and minds of other people’s children through government schools. The newest public school scandal has emerged in California where parents are angry that staff from Planned Parenthood were brought in without parental knowledge to teach their 9th-grade children about sexuality, including gender confusion. Of course, that’s not the term “progressives” or public school “educators” use, which reveals one of the problems: the materials and language related to gender confusion (and homosexuality) are Leftist materials and language, which promote Leftist assumptions as facts to children.

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