Transgenderism: an endless quest for ‘the real me’

Here is the subtitle of a post at that is an interview of Gerard van den Aardweg, a Dutch psychologist who specialises in homosexuality and marital problems. Here is an excerpt (with one sentence bolded by me):

Bruce Jenner, marches everywhere, a series in the New York Times … It seems as though transgenderism is the next big thing in sexual rights. Why? Is there something here we really need to comes to terms with? Dutch psychologist Gerard van den Aardweg gives some straightforward answers to our questions?

MercatorNet: Nowadays Facebook allows people to choose amongst 50 or so genders. What’s the problem with allowing people to be fluid in their sexuality?

Gerard van den Aardweg: The gender rage is a modern mythology of a low intellectual level because it denies the evident reality of human nature. Not only physically, but also psychologically, man is born either male or female and there is nothing to “choose” in this regard. Because of bad habits or mental disturbances the masculinity and femininity of a relatively small number of people do not mature normally so that they do not or cannot identify with their own sex or with their natural heterosexuality. That is a question of a psychologically diseased imagination, of a fantasized, warped self-image and not of a different biological or psychological masculine or feminine nature.

The human fantasy may produce any false “gender” or “identity”. For example, pedophiles imagine that their innermost nature makes them attracted to children. For some of them even a measure of violence or sadism is a natural part of this love, as in the case of some homosexuals. Others imagine that their nature prompts them to exhibitionism, heterosexual or homosexual sadism, masochism, etc.

Some people feel their identity is the reincarnation of some real or imagined person of the past; some may be seized by the feeling they are an animal, as was the case with the French Cardinal Richelieu, who periodically felt like a horse and frightened those around him  by storming at a gallop and neighing through the house. And the wide range of strange sexual preferences connected with abnormal “identifications” is well known.

Of course, these examples belong to the field of pathology. Fortunately, 95 percent of people identify with their natural psychological and biological sex and with its corresponding heterosexuality. The 50 or more “genders” of Facebook are deviations, statistically and mentally. Transgenderism is the showpiece among them. The stupidity of the thing is, however, that they are presented as normal, on a par with man’s natural biological and psychological instincts. Thus Facebook irresponsibly contributes to the corruption and confusion of the minds, especially of the young, with respect to the manhood-womanhood dimension of human nature and the naturalness of heterosexuality. It so plays its part in the promotion of the powerful anti-marriage and anti-family ideology which controls most of the media.

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