Transgenderism Is A Fake Legal Construct

Our side almost always deals with every single issue very thoroughly — too bad too few Americans are ever exposed to the information. This article was sent out as recommended by the Illinois Family Institute’s Laurie Higgins — it’s from The Federalist and written by Daniel Moody:

Gender ideology comes apart at the junctures of society and medicine, society and law, and medicine and law.

Mythology tells us there is an area of the Atlantic Ocean called the Bermuda Triangle, within which ships and aircraft have been known to vanish without a trace. With transgenderism, all reason and logic disappears within what we might call the Gender Triangle. The Gender Triangle is that area enclosed by the relationships between three distinct models of gender—the social, medical and legal. As we shall see, these relationships are flawed beyond repair.

Start with the Social and Medical Contradictions

Let us begin with the social side of the triangle. Feminist academic types use the term “gender” to denote the socio-cultural outworking of sexual difference, existing in the form of expected behaviours and appearances—i.e., stereotypes. These folk see gender as a limiting social construct that ought to be airbrushed out of existence for the sake of justice and equality.

Yet John, who is male-sexed, is now legally permitted to enter a female restroom on grounds of having appropriated for himself certain female stereotypes—make-up, long hair, and so on. In an apparent effort to erase stereotypes, the state has succeeded only in reinforcing them. Of course, the reason John seeks to appropriate the stereotypes that have clustered around femaleness is that it is not possible for him to appropriate femaleness itself. He can look like a female but cannot look as a female.

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