Troy Has Fallen. Don’t Let Helen Trick You.

Helen of Troy…I like the reference. Here is an important article from Robert Oscar Lopez:

If you want to get away with anything, you need only one skill: distraction.

Today, we Americans find ourselves sinking into swamp after swamp of institutional corruption, from Washington’s Russia eruptions to Hollywood’s frisky lust to academia’s sheer madness. A question repeats ad nauseam: How do they get away with this stuff? How did gropers and pederasts run amok in our nation’s media for decades without being challenged? How did a web of state operatives, lobbyists, agents, and propagandists fool so many people with disinformation for so long without being caught?

And at last, how did colleges that were conceived as lights of reason and character formation plummet into such unreason and depravity with nobody to stop them?

It isn’t the wickedness that staggers the mind, since most people understand the existence and reality of evil. It is the evasion of justice. Especially in institutions such as entertainment, politics, and law, which are constantly under the public gaze, it strains credulity that nobody would have seen something going wrong.

Kristallnacht Was Not about Vandalism

When people see evil, they have a reaction and feel the urge to combat it. So instead of trying to fight that urge in people, you just need to direct it somewhere other than at the real evil. In other words, when you see people getting ready to take aim, throw up a decoy somewhere, anywhere, and buy time so you can devise a way to escape justice.

Recently, Sharyl Attkisson formally analyzed the uses of distraction in her book, The Smear.  Realistically speaking, The Smear should have been the big paradigm-shifting story of recent times, rather than the wave of coverage about rapists and sexual harassers in Hollywood. Why? Because the problem of Kristallnacht was not vandalism, and passing ever stricter laws against vandalism would not have solved the problem of Kristallnacht.

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