Trump and the Post-Mueller World

The Post-Mueller World has nice ring to it — here’s Newt Gingrich:

The political and media elite in America have some explaining to do.

As the reality sinks in that the Trump campaign didn’t collude with Russia during the 2016 election – and that no obstruction of justice charges levied against the President are forthcoming – Americans are going to start asking why they have been lied to for two years.

For the first half of President Trump’s first term, we have seen a wildly hysterical news media, which has consistently operated under an assumption of guilt rather than innocence – and regularly reported unsubstantiated, politically-motivated accusations as facts. Some have gone so far as to repeat accusations that the sitting President of the United States has committed treason and that he would be the first sitting president to be jailed.

We have also seen a concerted effort by the Washington establishment and the bureaucratic deep state to hinder the President’s ability to lead by perpetuating the phony collusion narrative – which it appears was concocted by the out-going Obama administration.

In the wake of Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s findings, Americans deserve to hear the truth.

Mueller’s report should spur a series of parallel investigations.

First, Congress should find out how claims this bogus were able to consume and perpetuate through the Department of Justice, Federal Bureau of Investigation, and our intelligence agencies.

The Obama administration reportedly knew that Russians were trying to influence the election. Why did they decide to spend energy pursuing a false narrative rather than aggressively combatting Russian hacking efforts during a presidential election cycle? It certainly appears now they were simply trying to hurt the Trump campaign. How involved was President Obama himself – or Vice President Joe Biden for that matter? Why has James Clapper – who has access to American intelligence – been so convinced that the collusion story was real? For that matter, why did Jim Comey break FBI protocols and seek to spread the collusion lie? Congress should call these people in and ask them under oath.

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