Trump Exposes Paul Ryan and Romney Republicans

By Fletch Daniels outlines how President Trump is exposing Paul Ryan and Romney Republicans:

One of the greatest public services President Donald Trump has done for the nation is forcing institutions and people to reveal their true character.

While this has been the most valuable when it comes to the media, it has also been valuable when it comes to unmasking globalist Republicans.

This was again on display this week, most notably in the revelation that Paul Ryan was inciting Fox News from his position on the board of Fox Corporation to “decisively break” with President Trump. Ryan has apparently graduated from providing the worst advice to the president as the speaker of the House to providing the worst advice to Fox News.

Were Fox to follow this advice, the network would have even fewer viewers than CNN, which can at least count on hapless airport captives to boost its numbers. I find it hard to believe that any of Fox’s viewers are not to the right of Shepard Smith and Chris Wallace. If Fox management thinks it can somehow compete for liberal viewers, it is delusional.

These people are supposedly preparing for life after Trump, but more likely, they are preparing for life without viewers. For when they speak of chasing moderates, what they are really suggesting is appealing to liberals. These viewers are never going to tune in to the object of their hatred when they have so many long established liberal echo chambers, no matter how many Donna Braziles they bring on board. But Fox management can certainly chase off its audience by following Ryan’s advice. One America News, or another network to be named later, would welcome their viewers.

Most Republican voters did not realize how in thrall so many of its leaders were to globalism and open-border insanity. They do now.

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