Trump Fundraiser Caroline Wren: An Insider Who Gets It

Last time we featured a few quotes from Trump campaign fundraiser Caroline Wren who has been interviewed at least a couple of times on the number one podcast, Steve Bannon’s War Room. After listening to her use those interviews to say some very harsh things about the Republican and conservative political state of affairs, I’m convinced she understands the problem.

It is worth a few minutes to include some of her other quotes into this series of articles. She’s not an outsider who can be told she doesn’t know what she’s talking about. When you fundraise for the president of the United States, I think that’s a good position to see the mess that is the Republican Conservative Industrial Complex (RCIC).

Wren said she told the big donors that the Republicans would be ready for the 2020 general election—and the GOP wasn’t. She said she’s shocked that the donors haven’t come together and “filed a class action lawsuit for fraud, because it was.”

Wren spoke of the election day fraud and the fact that President Trump got 12 million more votes in 2020 than he did in 2016, while Obama got 3 million fewer votes when he was reelected. She also mentioned the fact that we are supposed to believe that Biden got 15 million more votes than Obama and Hillary did.

How does that happen, she asked? She answered: follow the money. Wren spent a year examining the political left and the conclusion is that “they have the most sophisticated and coordinated funding structure.” “We continue to fund party committees and super PACs,” while the left utilizes all the weapons in their arsenal, including things like the non-profit sector and the $500 million in funds from people like Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg.

“What if someone had handed us $500 million dollars in April of 2020? I know what we would have done. We would have announced a Karl Rove led Super PAC—we would have set $500 million dollars on fire running television ads because that is what we do every single time.” She said a part of the millions spent in Georgia in the runoff election registering voters would have been a better use of the funds.

“But it’s Ground Hog Day—we do it over and over again,” Wren said.

Over a year after that election she asks, “where’s the audit, where’s the self-reflection, what has anyone done to change anything? The answer is nothing.”

Regarding last year’s election in Virginia, Wren said “we didn’t win because (candidate for governor Glenn) Youngkin spent a bunch of money on television ads,” which she said don’t work. Instead she credits the grassroots effort that took place. We noted that ground level effort earlier in this series.

Caroline Wren gets it. We need more people—especially those angry donors—to get it.

More people are needed who understand what the solutions are to the problem that is the RCIC. Long time political veterans like me understand what needs to be done, but we can’t get past the gatekeepers of the big donors. I don’t give them a thrill up their leg.  I’m not a political celebrity.

Wren made several more important points about how the political left raises and spends money so the interview, which only runs 12 minutes, is worth watching. Preview: she talks about the BILLIONS raised and spent on the left. You can find the interview at here.

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