Trump is obligated to follow immigration law, NOT the capricious rulings of district judges

Here is Daniel Horowitz writing at Conservative Review about the capricious rulings of district judges:

If one district judge demands that a president take a given course of action and another district judge prohibits the president from making such a move, what’s a president to do? He should ignore the judiciary, of course, and only take executive action pursuant to the law and the Constitution as he sees it.

When leftist organizations forum-shop their political issues to liberal judicial districts, seeking a phantom nationwide veto on a law or executive policy, they are not always guaranteed they will get a likeminded judge drawn by random selection. Until recently, all of their immigration lawsuits against Trump’s decision to end executive amnesty have been successful, but yesterday their case before the Maryland federal district resulted in a loss. Although the Bush-appointed judge sitting in the Baltimore-based court noted throughout his opinion yesterday that he sympathized with DACA amnesty from a political standpoint, he still has respect for the law, noting that Obama’s DAPA amnesty was already ruled unlawful and that Trump was legally correct to rescind DACA, which was “largely” a similar program.

The lawsuit, brought by Casa de Maryland, an organization that openly harbors criminal aliens, was dismissed yesterday by Judge Titus, who noted that “the rescission of the DACA program merely fulfills the duty of the executive branch to faithfully enforce the laws passed by Congress.” He observed a number of times that he believes it is our moral duty to grant amnesty, expressed that he was disheartened by “the unfortunate and often inflammatory rhetoric used by President Trump during the campaign,” and asserted that he does not like the outcome of the decision he arrived at, but he was at least intellectually honest enough not to codify his gratuitous virtue-signaling into the actual court order.

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Image credit: Joshua Roberts/Bloomberg | Getty Images.