Trump the Entrepreneur

Here is an excerpt from a recent interesting article by Chet Richards writing at American Thinker:

I will vote for Donald Trump for President. Why? My reasons are somewhat different than the usual.

Like many of Trump’s supporters I evolved from a very different place. Initially, Trump was not on my list of possible candidates. Only after I had sorted through my doubts about the other candidates did I start to look seriously at Donald Trump.

Of course, Trump has political negatives. I recognize that some people are put off by his bumptious style – or, much more often, in response to the many deliberate slanders. These have little impact on my perceptions of the man. Donald Trump has been described as a “Blue-Collar Billionaire.” Indeed, he is competent operating heavy machinery. It is his blue collar behaviors that most seem to offend the self-appointed literary and political elites. Trump’s mannerisms don’t bother me at all. Although I now am a member in good standing of the professional intellectual class, I started my career as a blue-collar worker — a janitor actually, followed by other more demanding blue collar jobs. Thus, from practical experience, I early-on developed respect and appreciation for my fellow blue-collar workers and their ways of thinking and expression.

Trump’s negatives are well known. But what about his positives? For half a century I made my living as a physicist and engineer. During that long period I have known a great many program managers, good and bad. It is on that basis that I offer a different perspective about Donald Trump. Fundamentally, Donald Trump is both an engineering program manager and a risk-taking entrepreneur.

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Image credit: NYC JD/Wikipedia.