Trump vs. Pelosi: A Match Made in Heaven

Here is Stephen Moore on Nancy Pelosi and the upcoming new U.S. House majority:

The president has a useful foil, and Pelosi can now pursue her dream of getting Trump’s tax returns.

It was no accident or blunder that Donald Trump tweeted a congratulations to Nancy Pelosi and told Democrats that she should be the next speaker of the House. “She earned it,” the president declared.

And how beautifully does that work out for Trump? In Nancy Pelosi, liberals are about to hand to the GOP the gift that just keeps giving. Pelosi is in many polls the least popular politician in America — she’s less popular than even Donald Trump. If the Democrats were a semi-sane party and not handcuffed to the identity politics that prevents them from ever firing any woman or minority no matter how big a liability, Pelosi would be the last person on earth they would pick to be speaker. Smart Democrats with whom I talk know that this is the case, but they can only half-whisper this truth.

For this and other reasons, conservatives should stop grousing about Republicans losing the House.

The midterms were the equivalent of an NFL preseason game. All that matters for the future direction of the country and breaking the back (figuratively) of the far left is 2020 and getting Trump reelected. Given the results on Tuesday, his odds of reelection have gone up — fairly considerably.

I have been arguing for months that the next two years would be gridlocked on legislation no matter who ran the House. GOP control of the House in that environment would have been a political curse, not a blessing for Trump. The lack of legislative progress with a GOP majority in the House would only have deflated conservatives. More important, if anything were to go wrong with the roaring economy and Republicans held the House, they would be beaten mercilessly by voters in 2020. Who else would there be to blame?

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