Trump White House’s Revolutionary Approach to the Media

Revolutionary indeed. Here is Katrina Trinko writing at The Daily Signal:

‘The mainstream media isn’t the only game in town anymore.’

That’s what White House press secretary Sean Spicer said Tuesday night on Fox News—and his actions show he’s serious about the sentiment.

It’s long been a tradition that the mainstream outlets sit in the front rows at White House press briefings, and typically their reporters are most likely to get to ask questions.

“It doesn’t matter the president, his spokesman generally sucks up to the big dogs of the media: the big newspapers, broadcast networks, the cable news channels, and the dominant wire service, the Associated Press,” Poynter’s James Warren writes.

But Spicer is shocking the D.C. media establishment by making it clear that the Trump White House is going to be responsive to the conservative media.

In fact, at the first press briefing Spicer did, he called first on the New York Post—the conservative newspaper in New York City. He also called on Newsmax, the Christian Broadcasting Network, and Fox News in that same briefing.

In his second briefing, Spicer gave the first question to LifeZette, and later called on Breitbart and The Daily Signal’s own Fred Lucas.

“The order in which [Spicer] called on people suggests it is a new day when it comes to who this White House considers being priorities in terms of being called on,” CNN’s Jake Tapper remarked Monday.

It’s about time.

It’s no secret the mainstream media is biased, and there’s a double standard on how liberal and conservative politicians are treated.

But the mainstream media also regularly frames its narratives and questions around liberal values and priorities.

Think about the difference between a question about “marriage equality” rather than whether all children deserve a mom and a dad, or one about reproductive rights instead of whether unborn children old enough that they could survive if born prematurely should still be aborted.

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