Trump’s Double-Barreled Shotgun Strategy

Here is James Lewis writing at American Thinker:

We’ve argued from the beginning that Trump is conducting a brilliant psy-war strategy against the enemy media* like the New York Times.

It’s really brilliant, because it’s double-barreled.

Let’s call it Trump’s double-barreled shotgun strategy. Today we can we see how he is implementing it, day by day.

Trump’s generalship is fabulous. He has probably used his DBS strategy before in his showbiz and business careers. I don’t know. But you can watch it evolve from day to day.

You decide if his DBS strategy works. I think it’s George Patton against the Panzer Brigades.

Here’s how it goes.

The media have two or three war weapons against us.

1. Media War Weapon #1.

They ignore your existence. You don’t exist.

That is the normal fate of Republican candidates.

But the media can’t ignore Trump, because he is dropping news bombs every single day. Every other day, they think they’ve finally got him – he’s dead as a doornail – only to find out that he’s got a different news bomb the next day. They can’t not make him famous. So they made him famous enough to beat Jeb Bush and the whole Bush Republican Machine, while hating every single fiber of Trump’s being.

Fabulous. Trump won the primaries.

2. Media Weapon #2.

They smear and tar you any way they can: you’re a wife-beater, child-abuser, sex maniac, axe-murderer, on and on.

They have absolutely no conscience about that. That is key, because you have a conscience, but they have been carefully trained not to have a conscience. You can do that to people with enough cult indoctrination in the schools, colleges, and mass media.

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