Trump’s ISIS Speech Profundities That the Drive-Bys Don’t Want You to Hear

All the issues are the same — “if a tree falls in the forest,” right? If conservatives don’t reach more Americans with their policy solutions they will not win the day. Here is Rush Limbaugh talking about Donald Trump’s recent foreign policy speech (which is embedded below):

It all makes sense. Trump gives his vaunted, anticipated, major address yesterday, foreign policy, ISIS, this kind of stuff. You’d never know it, but Trump’s speech contained a whole bunch of profundities. Trump’s speech contained some amazing things, but you’re not hearing about that. All you’re hearing about it was typical Trump bigotry, typical Trump ignorance, typical Trump demonstrating he’s unfit and unqualified for the office.

Just typical coverage by the Drive-Bys. And then after that they’re ignoring it, and they’re ignoring it because there’s things in there, in Trump’s speech, that I’m convinced that they do not want certain people to know that he said. And I will explain what I’m talking about as the program gets underway because that’s what the program’s for. It’s for me to explain to you what’s going on and what I think about it.

Let’s go straight to Newt Gingrich and his reaction last night on the Fox News Channel to Trump’s foreign policy speech yesterday. This is what the Newtster, Mr. Newt, had to say.

GINGRICH: This in some ways is the most important foreign policy speech since Ronald Reagan. The contrast between what Donald Trump did and what Hillary Clinton is couldn’t be clearer. This is a Grand Canyon-wide chasm of two totally different worldviews. This was truly a historic speech and it will be interesting to see if the mainstream media can actually focus on the speech.

RUSH: Not gonna happen. That was last night. Trump’s speech was yesterday afternoon. We’re coming up on 24 hours since Trump gave the speech, and there’s not a peep, there’s not a single peep in the Drive-By Media anywhere close to what Newt’s talking about.

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