Trump’s Message: Go On the Attack and Stay On It

Republicans on the attack? Finally! Here is an excerpt from David Horowitz’s new book, Big Agenda: President’s Trump’s Plan to Save America:

Ironically, it was a billionaire businessman who broke the mold in the 2016 presidential campaign and brought a new voice into Republican politics. Instead of focusing on taxes and regulations, Donald Trump took up the cause of the forgotten working class, promising to restore America’s industrial prowess and bring back the jobs that a corrupt elite with a globalist outlook had negotiated away in reckless trade deals that sent Americans to the back of the bus and squandered the prosperity they had created over generations. The same globalism expressed in Hillary Clinton’s “dream” of common markets and open borders had underwritten an invasion of illegal immigrants that was driving down American wages, destroying American sovereignty, and making American citizens vulnerable to the violence of hundreds of thousands of criminals crossing into the country illegally.

Equally groundbreaking was Trump’s bluntness in confronting the corruption of both parties for participating in a rigged system that left their constituencies out in the cold. The failure to secure the borders was a national disgrace in which both parties were complicit. In focusing on the hundreds of thousands of criminal aliens who had not been blocked at the borders and were not deported, he broke the silence imposed by the politically correct party line. In calling Clinton a “crook,” a “liar,” and the enabler of a sexual predator, he took her off the pedestal on which her gender and the Democrats’ fantasy of a Republican “war on women” had placed her. The double standard that protected women while pretending to “empower” them was gone. She and her hypocrisies were no longer untouchable. By speaking out against the Democrats’ rape of the inner cities and their treatment of their black constituents as second-class citizens, Trump burst a bubble that had protected Democrats from the consequences of their actions and opened the ranks of the Republican Party to “people of color.”

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