Trump’s Revolution in National Security and Foreign Policy

Here is Newt Gingrich on Trump’s National Security policy:

The excitement over passing the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act overshadowed the extraordinary National Security Strategy report released on Monday.

Just as the first comprehensive tax cut bill in 31 years marked a milestone in resetting national economic strategy, the National Security Strategy report is a milestone in resetting America’s approach to national security and foreign policy.

The December 18 speech by President Trump highlighting the National Security Strategy was the culmination of eight months of hard work by National Security Advisor H. R. McMaster, Deputy National Security Advisor for Strategy Dina Powell, and Deputy Assistant to the President Dr. Nadia Schadlow.

This strategy paper is especially necessary because President Trump campaigned on, and is now executing, a revolution in how America interacts with the world.

The elite consensus since 1990 has been that the United States is helping develop a New World Order. This new world order was to come from lawyers and diplomats engaging in endless multilateral conferences and reaching agreements that limited sovereignty and had nations reporting and answering to the international bureaucracy. It was a dream world for elitist academics who saw themselves as the all-knowing international bureaucrats, whose careers would be spent “taming” sovereignty with the higher moral order of globalism.

Candidate Trump won the Republican nomination over 16 other candidates by understanding and giving voice to a growing consensus that globalism subordinated America to foreign bureaucrats, that multilateral trade deals hurt America, and that other countries were using American lives and American money to achieve their own goals.

The bipartisan elites in foreign policy and national security were appalled and enraged that some billionaire businessman would have the audacity to challenge their 26-year consensus. They were shocked to watch him actually implement his commitment to refocusing national security and foreign policy around American interests.

Where the bipartisan elites had wanted to put globalism first and make the American economy and the values and interests of the American people secondary to this larger multinational system, President Trump began transforming his campaign rhetoric into official government policy.

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