Trump’s Wall or the Media’s Wall of Lies

Daniel Greenfield calls it right — the media’s wall of lies:

The more Americans die, the more Democrats win.

The government may shut down, but the media never shuts up. Instead it shuts away the truth.

It’s been two weeks since the Democrats shut down the government to stop border security. After their open borders created a humanitarian crisis on the border, they shut down the government and created another one in America. And then they spent two weeks blaming President Trump for their own crisis.

After two weeks of media lies resonating through the vast billion dollar echo chamber of dirty print newspapers, buzzing radio chatter, cable news panels kicking their legs on high chairs under high tables at CNN or MSNBC, all of it uploaded onto the web, President Trump took his message to the people.

The networks debated whether to censor him. Some suggested interrupting him with attacks disguised as “fact checks” while he was speaking. Others proposed not letting him speak at all.


Because they were afraid. Their narrative is a house of cards. Each card is another easily disproven lie. Illegal migration isn’t a problem. We don’t need a wall. All of this is a distraction from truly vital problems like the weather, the Russians and the election of a conservative politician in Brazil.

And then President Trump spoke. And their fears were realized as he laid out a comprehensive case not just for a wall, but for America. He spoke of the drugs and the violence spilling over the border. He called out the absurd lie that walls don’t work. He spoke of lost jobs and lost lives. Of the women that are raped and children that die as they are driven like cattle by coyotes in search of a few thousand dollars.

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