Truth Telling in the Culture Wars

From Bill Muehlenberg:

The two biggest threats to faith, freedom, and family today come from militant groups dedicated to the destruction of the West, democracy, and Christianity. I refer to militant Islam and the militant homosexual lobby. Both are working overtime to destroy all opposition and take over an enfeebled and befuddled West.

I have documented countless cases of stealth jihad and creeping sharia on this site. Freedoms are being lost big time throughout the West and those who warn of such dangers, such as Geert Wilders, are pilloried and attacked. How much longer the West can withstand this onslaught remains to be seen.

But here I want to speak to the second major source of the new totalitarianism. I refer to homofascism, for that is exactly what it is. I have recorded numerous cases of this here, and my new book will have a very long chapter documenting many more such cases.

Everywhere the pink mafia is crushing freedom, destroying democracy, and waging war on anyone and anything that dares to resist its agenda. The West is fast sliding into one big homonazi state, where the militants rule and punish all those who put up resistance.

And a totally sold-out lamestream media is doing its best to slavishly promote every agenda item of the homonazis. For example, no one on the planet by now would not know of the coming out of Jason Collins, the Boston Celtics center.

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