Truth vs. Narrative: Benghazi Exemplifies What Has Happened to Our Country

Here’s Rush Limbaugh talking about one example of the failure of Republicans and conservatives to fight the information war and the consequences for our country (extended excerpt courtesy of

This document is just one bit of evidence that could lead anybody with an open mind to that conclusion. But because it’s reported that the panel found nothing here to be concerned about, Mrs. Clinton, it’s gonna be a ho-hum yawner. So, once again it’s up to us here in the alternative media to ring the bells and sound the alarms and plead and cajole and encourage and try to inspire people to go out and read this.

And in that vein, here are the Jim Jordan sound bites. And again, we’re gonna play number one just to have ’em all three run as one, ’cause he just went on it on. We had to divvy this up into three different bites and there’s still more that we don’t have here, but this is the nut of it. And in this first sound bite he is explaining inarguably how Hillary Clinton knowingly lied about the video and about the knowledge of what happened and who was behind it and why it happened.

And when you get down to that level and you find out that not a single finger was lifted to save four Americans who thought help was coming, and then you realize, you read page 30 of the Jordan-Pompeo report, and you will see a State Department official warning the State Department and Hillary Clinton, somebody’s gonna die in this place, Benghazi, somebody is gonna die ’cause you don’t have any security set up.

Remember, Libya was the crown jewel. Libya was Mrs. Clinton’s foreign policy, and it was going to set the stage for her campaign to show how qualified she is. So here we go. Jim Jordan, number one.

JORDAN: At 10:08 that night, with Tyrone Woods still on the roof of the annex fighting for his life, Secretary Clinton issues this statement, the official statement on Benghazi, the official statement of our government that evening: “Some have sought to justify is this vicious behavior as a response to inflammatory material on the internet.” We know that statement was misleading because an hour later she told her daughter, “Terrorists killed two of our people today.” The next day she tells the Egyptian prime minister, “We know the film had nothing to do with it. It was a planned attack, not a protest.” And this public-private contrast continues for days, publicly telling the American people it was a video-inspired protest, privately telling the truth that it was a terrorist attack.

RUSH: Now, let me address something. You in this audience, because you’re in this audience, know that this excuse that all this happened because of the video, you know it’s bogus. You know it is a lie, and you know that everybody who told the lie knew it was a lie. You know that Obama knowingly lied. You know that Hillary knowingly lied. You know that Susan Rice knowingly lied on five separate occasions. You know that it went on for two or more weeks. And all this time you might think, “Well, it’s so obvious, everybody know.” No, they don’t, folks.

See, that’s the rub. The people that consume only the Drive-By Media or only what they get on Facebook or Twitter or at Yahoo News, the president it says it was about a video, that’s what they think. Hillary says it was about the video, that’s what they think. They don’t know that they’re lying about it and they don’t ever assume their president lies to them unless he’s a Republican. They never assume it. And if they find out their president’s lied to them, he had to do it in order to beat back the Republicans. And that’s how it becomes justified.

This is the epitome of the frustration. You and I and a certain number of millions of Americans know full well what a gigantic lie all of this is, never mind four Americans died, the Regime in charge of guaranteeing their safety and trying to protect them didn’t lift a finger. You know that, and the frustrating thing is millions and millions of Americans still have no idea. They believe it was a video. They believe that Hillary and Obama did everything they could to save these people. They have no idea that Hillary lied to the parents. When the bodies were flown back to the United States they were draped, coffins draped with the American flag, and Hillary is lying to their parents that they were gonna get the guy that did that video, and he’s gonna pay for what he did.

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