The Tsunami and the Helicopter

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You are on a beach. You see out to sea a towering tsunami wave, roaring in fast. Overhead suddenly you hear a helicopter. It’s bobbing and weaving, black smoke trailing from its engine. The copter drops a rope ladder down to you. Do you grab the ladder, or stand there and wait for the killer tsunami?

The beach is America and the tsunami is the great destruction Hillary Clinton will wreak on America, continuing the damaging Obamatization of our once-great nation. The wobbly helicopter is Donald Trump. We should all grab the ladder my friends.

I’m afraid that Trump haters, including the high foreheads on TV and in “conservative” magazines, are in full rampant denial about what a Hillary presidency would actually bring. Instead, they are obsessed with his personality flaws, his bankruptcies, and his sometimes unfortunate way of expressing himself. To them, he is just an obnoxious doofus – which is sometimes the case, though not lately. Certainly he is not their dream candidate. But he is the reality candidate and it’s time to stop the dreaming.

Trump’s critics don’t seem to grasp the big picture; the enormity of her outlaw behavior versus his small ball. Donald Trump has never sold out America’s strategic uranium to Russia for $145 million donated to a fake charitable foundation. He has never exposed America’s crucial security secrets to foreign bad-guy hackers bent on harming our nation. He has never put those national secrets on a secret homebrew server obviously with the intent to conceal them from Freedom of Information requests from justice organizations like Judicial Watch.

He has never abandoned American heroes on a foreign battlefield and then lied to the parents of the dead as their bodies were unloaded behind him. He has never said he wants to bring to our shores 65,000 unvetted immigrants from countries whose people include Islamic terrorists sworn to destroy us. He has never viciously slandered fully one-quarter of this nation’s citizens as a “basket of deplorables; racist, sexist, xenophobic, homophobic, Islamophobic… Hillary Clinton has done all these things.

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