Tucker Carlson Is Right About Wall Street’s Indifference To America

Willis L. Krumholz weighs in and agrees with Tucker Carlson about Wall Street’s indifference to America:

Right now, the interests of the GOP donor class are being put above the interests of the American people, and easily 90 percent of GOP voters. It’s beyond time for that to change.

Tucker Carlson just ran a segment where he outlined one reason why much of blue-collar America is being left behind.

“One of the big factors in this slow-moving disaster is the utter transformation in the way our leaders think about the gilded economy,” said Carlson. During the last gilded age, the ruling class was rich, “but it was still a recognizably American class,” that “felt some obligation to the country around them.” No longer.

As an example of this shift in civic duty, Carlson cited Paul Singer, a billionaire investor who runs a hedge fund called Elliot Management Corporation (EMC). Singer is worth more than $3 billion, and has long been active in Republican Party politics.

Singer was a large funder to George W. Bush’s two presidential campaigns, and to Mitt Romney in 2012. During the Republican primaries in 2016, Singer supported Sen. Marco Rubio, and gave $1 million to an anti-Trump PAC. When Trump won the election, Singer gave $1 million to Trump’s inaugural committee.Like most other members of the Republican establishment and donor class, Singer supports tax cuts and most types of deregulation, but is socially liberal and pro-mass-migration. He also supports an interventionist foreign policy overseas.

Profiting from People’s Misery

Carlson slammed Singer’s EMC for buying sovereign debt from financially distressed countries, calling this “vulture capitalism.” He went on to rake Singer over the coals because he has “made billions by buying large stakes in American companies, then firing workers, driving up short-term share prices, and in some cases taking government bail-outs.”